Sunday, March 23, 2008

Featured, Ferrari and Photography musings.

I got a very nice convo in Etsy recently from another photographer who was kind enough to feature me on her blog. Her name is Robin Lynne and her blog is "Etsy of the Week" where she features different Etsy sellers. This was really nice of her and if you want to check it out, follow this link:

Here also is a link to her site on Etsy where you can purchase her photography:

Onto something completely unrelated to photography. Ferrari and Formula 1. Hooray for Kimi Raikkonen to easily win the Malaysian Grand Prix. Both Ferraris were absolutely dominating and with Massa going off the track again, it won't help to quel the rumors of Alonso joining Ferrari eventually. Massa is off to a horrific start this year and even though the season is just starting, as we saw last year, every single point counts.

Today was Easter and it reminded me something about my photography. That is, I'm not taking enough snapshots. That sounds odd coming from someone who spends time carefully composing photos, but I've noticed that as I'm spending more and more time with my photography, taking nature photos, taking product photos for companies, etc, there is one subject I've been neglecting.

My family.

I don't see some of my family as often as I'd like to and there are some who are getting pretty old. As I was looking around today I realized that I haven't taken any photos of some members of my family for years. Neither has anyone else.

It's nice to take the group portraits at family gatherings and posed pics, but I've always preferred the more spontaneous shots. I'm sure everyone has that box of old family photos somewhere, with lots of faces you maybe don't even recognize anymore. It's fun to look at past generations and see how at one point, they were really just like you.

I'm in my mid thirties now and I remember my aunts and uncles when I was a kid, the family parties and the fun we had. To me, they seemed so old and responsible. Now, when I look at the family photos, I see that they were my age. Laughing around the table, dancing, drinking wine, enjoying great food and enjoying life and each other's company.

Looking over these pictures, and there are a lot, I wonder how I could be so lazy. Granted, my family is more scattered than it used to be, but there are tons of memories I could be capturing and I'm not. They had it much rougher than me. They had to shoot film, drop it off, pick it up, make albums, etc. All I have to do is snap the pics and archive them.

Maybe I think time, and my family, will always be around.


Jenna P said...

Robert- I know what you mean.
Ever since I started to move away from being the paparazzi in the family and to a more serious venture with photography, snapshots have become limited in the family. reading your post makes me realize I really better start getting back into paparazzi mode when family is nearby!


BB said...

Robert...I found your blog..thank you for ALL the photo tips!! and a huge Hiya from TN...the only "Tifosi" around these parts.. My husband and I are huge F1 fans and yes Ferrari is our team...we attended every race when F1 was brought back to the US, got Michale's and Rubin's autographs while they both were still with Ferrari... rumor has it that F1 will return to the US in another year or 2..wooo-hooo!!! It was very nice to see another F1 fan in blogland...